The management of Kirumba Roof Tiling is committed to the provision of a safe workplace for all employees, sub-contractors and their employees, customers and visitors. Kirumba recognises a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety performance as a key requirement in total quality management.

- To consult and cooperate with employees and sub-contractors and manufactures and suppliers of plant, equipment and chemicals.
- To maintain workplace safety systems for hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control, monitor and review.
- To provide appropriate supervision of employees, sub-contractors and others attending the workplace.
- To provide continual training relevant to workplace activities.
- To provide relevant OH&S information for all employees, subcontractors and their employees and others who enter our workplace.
- To provide appropriate emergency procedures and first aid facilities.

The safety officer of Kirumba Roof Tiling will continually undertake consultation with all employees, sub-contractors and their employees to maintain suitable arrangements for matters affecting the health and safety of all people who enter our workplace.

Key players in OH&S management program include:
- Partners of Kirumba Roof Tiling
- Safety Officer
- Employees
- Sub-Contractors and their employees

Employees, Subcontractors and their employees and visitors:
- Are required to take reasonable care for the health and safety of people who enter our workplace.
- Will cooperate with the management of Kirumba Roof Tiling to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons who enter our workplace.


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